PS Vita Emulator Now Available

Many of you are wondering, is it possible to develop a ps vita emulator?

Well finally, the time has come. PSVEP has successfully developed the first working one which is currently able to play PS2, PS3, and ps vita games. Their current release is 1.03 R4, which is the first running version of the ps vita emulator for pc. It is completely free to download because their goal was to let their users play the ps vita games for free instead of buying an outdated device.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ps vita

The PlayStation Vita is a handheld console just like the PSP, it’s almost the same. But the thing is is that the Vita is un-updated and games will not come out for this device anymore. Therefore the emulator was created so people can still experience the PS Vita gameplay without having to pay for an outdated device.