The Blandinsville Police Department

The Blandinsville Police Department enforces the laws and ordinances within the incorportated areas of the Village of Blandinsville, Illinois. The Blandinsville Police Department is a part-time police agency with all officers certified by the State of Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.
Our Officers work closely with  the other law enforcement agencies of McDonough County to protect and serve the citizens of the village. We  are fortunate to have been awarded many grants and awards over the years.
Our  Police Officers continue to work with the Sheriff’s Office to rid Blandinsville of illicit drugs and other crime. In the past three years many successful search warrants have been served in Blandinsville, seizing illegal narcotics and shutting down drug houses. It is our goal to work with the community and continue to have Blandinsville be at the forefront
of small town living at its finest.